Virgin Australia


Australasia's Leading Tour Operator 2016
Australasia's Leading Low-Cost Airline 2012

Also nominated for:

Oceania's Leading Airline 2022
Oceania's Leading Airline Brand 2022
Oceania's Leading Airline Lounge 2022
Oceania's Leading Tour Operator 2022
Oceania's Leading Airline 2021
Oceania's Leading Airline Brand 2021
Oceania's Leading Airline Lounge 2021
Oceania's Leading Inflight Magazine 2021
Oceania's Leading Tour Operator 2021
Oceania's Leading Airline 2020
Oceania's Leading Airline Brand 2020
Oceania's Leading Airline Lounge 2020
Oceania's Leading Inflight Magazine 2020
Oceania's Leading Tour Operator 2020
World's Leading Airline 2019
Oceania's Leading Airline 2019
Oceania's Leading Airline Brand 2019
Oceania's Leading Airport Lounge 2019
Oceania's Leading Inflight Magazine 2019
Oceania's Leading Tour Operator 2019
World's Leading Airline 2018
World's Leading Tour Operator 2018
Australasia's Leading Airline 2018
Australasia's Leading Airline Brand 2018
Australasia's Leading Airport Lounge 2018
Australasia's Leading Inflight Magazine 2018
Australasia's Leading Tour Operator 2018
World's Leading Airline 2017
World's Leading Tour Operator 2017
Australasia's Leading Airline 2017
Australasia's Leading Airline Brand 2017
Australasia's Leading Airport Lounge 2017
Australasia's Leading Inflight Magazine 2017
Australasia's Leading Tour Operator 2017
World's Leading Airline 2016
World's Leading Tour Operator 2016
Australasia's Leading Airline 2016
Australasia's Leading Airport Lounge 2016
World's Leading Airline 2015
World's Leading Excellence Inflight Service 2015
Australasia's Leading Airline 2015
Australasia's Leading Airport Lounge 2015
Australasia's Leading Tour Operator 2015
World's Leading Airline 2014
Australasia's Leading Airline 2014
Australasia's Leading Airport Lounge 2014
Australasia's Leading Tour Operator 2014
World's Leading Airline 2013
World's Leading Cabin Crew 2013
Australasia's Leading Airline 2013
Australasia's Leading Airport Lounge 2013
Australasia's Leading Tour Operator 2013
Australasia's Leading Airline 2012
Australasia's Leading Tour Operator 2012
Australasia's Leading Airline 2011
Australasia's Leading Airline 2010
Australasia's Leading Airline 2009
World's Leading Airline - Economy Class 2008
Australasia's Leading Airline 2008
Australasia's Leading Airline 2006
World's Leading Low-Cost Airline Website 2005
Australasia's Leading Airline 2005


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