World Ski Awards set for Kitzbühel 2013 launch

5 November 2012 - London

World Travel Awards, “the Oscars of the travel industry”, is launching a new programme to acknowledge the finest brands in the global ski industry. The inaugural World Ski Awards will take place at the Grand SPA Resort A-ROSA Kitzbühel, Austria on 16th November 2013.

World Ski Awards will be the first of its kind to celebrate the pinnacle of the wintersports hospitality industry. The exclusive awards programme will feature five categories: best ski resort, hotel, chalet/lodge, inbound operator and boutique hotel.

The elite organisations from the world’s top 20 ski nations will be nominated in their respective categories, and then enter a public and industry vote.

Countries in the programme are: Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.

At the ceremony, the national winners with the most votes will be announced as the victors in their respective world category.

Kitzbühel in Austria’s Tyrol will provide the perfect setting for the inaugural red-carpet ceremony. Home to the legendary Hahnenkamm Race, the historic medieval town is synonymous with ski tourism and is one of the world’s most popular wintersports destinations.

The landmark ceremony will be staged at the world-class Grand SPA Resort A-ROSA Kitzbühel, which enjoys a spectacular location overlooking the Hahnenkamm peak.

Sion Rapson, Director, World Ski Awards, highlights the role that the programme will play: “World Ski Awards will serve as the definitive awards programme to reward and celebrate the elite of the wintersports industry. The gala ceremony in Kitzbühel will bring together the leading players and provide a unique forum for exchanging ideas and top-level networking.”

Uwe Schramm, Director Grand SPA Resort A-ROSA Kitzbühel underlines the importance of the event: “Hosting World Ski Awards is a great chance to share our services with important key players from different ski destinations world wide. Kitzbühel is an incredible resort to experience a charismatic mix of endearing tradition and glamorous cosmopolitan atmosphere.”

Peter Marko, Managing Director Kitzbühel Tourist Board, says: “Kitzbühel is very proud to host the inaugural World Ski Awards 2013. Our great ski history which reaches back to 1892, the Hahnenkamm race and one of the leading ski resorts in the Alps makes Kitzbühel a perfect place to launch the World Ski Awards.”

World Ski Awards is the sister event of World Travel Awards, which is heralded as “the Oscars of the travel industry”.

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World Ski Awards – Country Categories

Andorra’s Best Ski Resort
Andorra’s Best Ski Hotel
Andorra’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Andorra’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Andorra’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Argentina’s Best Ski Resort
Argentina’s Best Ski Hotel
Argentina’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Argentina’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Argentina’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Australia’s Best Ski Resort
Australia’s Best Ski Hotel
Australia’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Australia’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Australia’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Austria’s Best Ski Resort
Austria’s Best Ski Hotel
Austria’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Austria’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Austria’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Bulgaria’s Best Ski Resort
Bulgaria’s Best Ski Hotel
Bulgaria’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Bulgaria’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Bulgaria’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Canada’s Best Ski Resort
Canada’s Best Ski Hotel
Canada’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Canada’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Canada’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Chile’s Best Ski Resort
Chile’s Best Ski Hotel
Chile’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Chile’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Chile’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

China’s Best Ski Resort
China’s Best Ski Hotel
China’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
China’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
China’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Finland’s Best Ski Resort
Finland’s Best Ski Hotel
Finland’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Finland’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Finland’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

France’s Best Ski Resort
France’s Best Ski Hotel
France’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
France’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
France’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Germany’s Best Ski Resort
Germany’s Best Ski Hotel
Germany’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Germany’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Germany’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Italy’s Best Ski Resort
Italy’s Best Ski Hotel
Italy’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Italy’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Italy’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Japan’s Best Ski Resort
Japan’s Best Ski Hotel
Japan’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Japan’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Japan’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Korea’s Best Ski Resort
Korea’s Best Ski Hotel
Korea’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Korea’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Korea’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Norway’s Best Ski Resort
Norway’s Best Ski Hotel
Norway’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Norway’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Norway’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

New Zealand
New Zealand’s Best Ski Resort
New Zealand’s Best Ski Hotel
New Zealand’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
New Zealand’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
New Zealand’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Slovenia’s Best Ski Resort
Slovenia’s Best Ski Hotel
Slovenia’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Slovenia’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Slovenia’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Sweden’s Best Ski Resort
Sweden’s Best Ski Hotel
Sweden’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Sweden’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Sweden’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Switzerland’s Best Ski Resort
Switzerland’s Best Ski Hotel
Switzerland’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
Switzerland’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
Switzerland’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

United States of America
USA’s Best Ski Resort
USA’s Best Ski Hotel
USA’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel
USA’s Best Ski Chalet/Lodge
USA’s Best Inbound Ski Tour Operator

Notes to Editors

About World Ski Awards
Launched in 2012, World Ski Awards aims to drive up standards within the ski industry by rewarding the organisations that are leaders in their field.

The voting process begins in March 2013 when ski organisations across the world will be announced for the programme.

Votes will be made by professionals working within the ski industry – senior executives, travel buyers, tour operators and agents. Votes can also be cast by the public.

The voting works on a first-past-the-post system to ensure impartiality and independence. Votes are submitted online at World Ski Awards’ website.

World Ski Awards is part of World Travel Awards, which is heralded as “the Oscars of the travel industry”. Global media partner includes International Herald Tribune, National Geographic Traveller, CNBC Arabiya, Newsweek, Outlook Traveller, Breaking Travel News and Travel Daily News International. This global media partner network has a monthly readership of 1.7 million and a TV audience reach of 90 million.

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