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16 March 2011 - Travel Weekly Asia

Previous World Travel Award Winners ILS3 and Discover.Travel Group are nominated for 2011 South America categories. Online Voting is open.

The World Travel Awards acknowledge and recognize excellence in the world's travel and tourism industry by honoring the Leading Travel Companies of each year with awards that are frequently called the “Oscars of the Travel Industry”. The world’s top Travel Agencies, Travel Management Companies, luxury hotels, airlines and tourist boards compete in categories divided by regions, and the list of winners has become a reliable guide for travelers when choosing their holiday. Within South America, previous winners ILS3 Discover.Travel Group and Discover Brazil are nominated again for 2011 South America’s Leading Travel Agency and Leading Travel Management Company, while GOL, TAM and Lan Airlines are competing for South America’s Leading Airline and Fasano Hotels have both their hotels in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo nominated for South America’s Leading Boutique Hotel. Machu Picchu in Peru has good chances to become South America’s Leading Destination in 2011 when it is also celebrating the 100th Anniversary of its Discovery by Hiram Bingham, while three out of eight beaches nominated for South America’s Leading Beach are in Brazil: Copacabana, Ipanema and Fernando de Noronha.

Founder and President of the World Travel Awards, Graham E. Cooke, accompanied the revelation of the 2011 World Travel Awards Nominees explaining that "with the global recession affecting travellers and their budget, the ability to choose quality travel products is becoming increasingly important to both business and consumer travellers". The World Travel Awards help travelers decide which Travel Company to book with by providing “the list of winners as a reliable guide and means of reassurance when choosing their holiday”, Cooke said. Several travelers have booked personalized Vacation Packages to Brazil or South America with Discover Brazil, ILS3 and Discover.Travel Group after observing that this travel company has won the World Travel Awards as South America’s Leading Travel Agency in 2009 and 2010, and have stated that they will choose Discover.Travel Group again for future travels.

In order to identify the best travel company of each category as the World Travel Awards Winner. Online voting is now open and the organizers of the awards are urging both members of the travel industry and consumers to submit their votes on in order to seek out those who excel in the travel industry as 2011 World Travel Award winners.

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