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6 July 2007 - The Preferred Guest

Aldemar celebrates 10 years of Thalasso in Greece

Aldemar hosted a splendid celebration for the 10th Anniversary of the “birth” of Thalassotherapy in Greece. This was held at the Royal Mare Village, in Hersonissos (Crete), voted the World’s Leading Thalasso & Spa Resort 2006. The glamorous event took place on Saturday, 09 June 2007 and was attended by leading personalities including politicians, journalists as well as those in show business, tourism and the local community.

Addressing the audience on this occasion, the Minister of Tourism, Ms. Fani Palli Petralia, stated that “The World Travel Awards gave just recognition to the prestigious Thalassotherapy Centre at the Royal Mare Village and Thalasso. This was not only an accolade bestowed to the resort hotel by the World Tourism Organization but a great honour for Greek Tourism, which has already entered a new era - the development of new forms of tourism, such as health, well-being and luxury tourism. This is a vision, an issue of national importance that concerns us all. The diversification and enrichment of the sun and sea product, is a firm part of our traditional tourism product and the cornerstone of the national policy for tourism that we consistently pursue.”

In 1997 Aldemar envisaged a new health tourism product modelled on French standards. This vision consisted in the development of the company’s first thalassotherapy spa at the Royal Mare Thalasso on Crete. This first spa initiated the development of well-being holidays to Greece. Ten years later and with 50 Spa centres now operational throughout Greece, this destination has earned a guaranteed place in the world of Thalassotherapy and Spas. Greece is firmly recognised as a destinations with an international reputation for delivering quality well-being escapes. At the same time words such as ‘well-being’ and ‘harmony’ are synonymous with this product and associated with today’s twenty first century lifestyle.

Within this framework, Aldemar continues its investment policy in the sector of Thalassotherapy by participating and earning awards in the world’s fastest growing tourism sector. It is therefore not surprising to note that Aldemar won the ’World’s Leading Thalasso & Spa Resort 2006’ for the Royal Mare Thalasso in Crete and ‘Europe’s Leading Spa Resort 2006’ for the Olympian Village in the West Peloponnese.

Ms. Marianna Angelopoulou, founder of the Aldemar’s Thalassotherapy Centres concludes “Climbing to the top is the combined effect of a serious, long-standing investment in facilities, human resources, constant training and passion for perfection. Our international recognition is a natural result and reflects our coordinated efforts – but it is also a commitment to our future policy-making. The time now has come to leave a dynamically evolved decade behind and prepare to grasp the next sector of a never-ending journey. Besides, the first to make it to the top, always lays the foundations and serves as the example for others to follow. As leaders we will continue to pave the way forward.”

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The Preferred Guest web article 06-07-2007

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