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7 February 2023 - Tapping Into Private Aviation With RoyalJet

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan chairs the RoyalJet LLC, an Abu Dhabi-owned and controlled collection of firms that dominates the worldwide premium private aviation market. RoyalJet is also a multiple World Travel Awards laureate in the ‘World’s Leading Private Jet Charter’ category, and its FBO has received other awards for its facilities and services.

Here, Mohammed Husain Ahmed, CEO of RoyalJet, talks to Vibha Mehta, Editor of Logistics News ME, about changing trends in the aviation industry…

Logistical Operations For RoyalJet

The logistical operations for RoyalJet involved a wide range of activities designed to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the company’s aviation services. From fleet management Nd ground handling to supply chain management and customer service, the private aviation provider caters to all legs of the logistical operations for a smooth service offering for its clients.

Fleet management

RoyalJet has been managing its fleet of aircraft, including maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. We have also been working on our crew scheduling – scheduling pilots, flight attendants, and other crew members to ensure that there are always enough personnel available to operate the flights.

Flight planning

Where they schedule their flights, considering factors such as fuel requirements, airspace restrictions, weather conditions, and customer preferences.

Ground handling

They have been actively arranging airport ground handling services, including baggage handling, aircraft fuelling, and ramp services.

Customer service

To ensure high-quality customer service to our clients, including responding to inquiries, making reservations, and handling any issues that may arise during travel.

Regulatory compliance

Focusing on complying with various aviation regulations, including those related to safety, security, and environmental protection. This also involves working with regulatory agencies and obtaining necessary certifications and approvals.

Supply chain management

RoyalJet has been working on its supply chain, including sourcing and procuring the goods and services we need to operate.

Operational Challenges Due To Unpredictable Global Situations

The year 2021 has been the busiest worldwide business jet activity. The Middle East area had some of the most rapid rise in business jet demand, particularly from the UAE, which increased by 73% year on year. Likewise, in 2023, the Middle East business aviation market will continue to expand. During the recovery phase last year, demand outpaced supply in the region’s premium aviation business.

“The overall health of the global private jet market has been going strong, and this growth is expected to reach greater heights in the coming months,” says Mohamed Husain Ahmed, CEO of RoyalJet.

“We have also witnessed an upward growth trajectory since the second half of last year, especially with the increased demand for private aviation within the GCC due to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.”

Regional And International Market Perspective

The region’s strategic location as a hub between Europe, Asia, and Africa has also contributed to the rise of the Middle East’s private aviation business. Globally, the private aviation industry has expanded recently as leisure and business travel demand has increased. However, the COVID-19 pandemic, on the other hand, has had a substantial influence on the aviation industry, particularly the private aviation sector, with many firms reporting lower demand and operating issues as a result of travel restrictions and other measures. To remain competitive and satisfy the needs of their clients, firms in the private aviation sector must stay up to speed on market conditions and adapt to changing situations.

“The RoyalJet mission is to deliver personalized services to each of our guests, and we are committed to exceeding customer expectations at every step of their journey. In general, the private aviation market in the Middle East has been growing in recent years, with increasing demand for luxury travel and business travel in the region,” said Mohamed.

Customers Biggest Concerns

RoyalJet’s biggest priority is to ensure that the aircraft they are flying on is safe and well-maintained. They say customers look for a comfortable and luxurious experience when flying, including amenities such as comfortable seating and high-end in-flight catering, and we offer them the best in our aircraft.

Mohamed adds, “Our customers rely on us for flights for business or other important travel and are concerned with the reliability and punctuality of the service.”

Additionally, some private aviation customers may be concerned with privacy and security when flying and may be looking for options that offer a higher level of privacy and security. At RoyalJet, they offer the highest level of confidentiality to ensure that the passenger travels hassle-free.

Market’s Future

Because of the region’s significant concentration of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, the GCC is one of the most promising markets for business aviation. Foreign charter providers are attempting to enter the market, increasing competition. Likewise, companies are seen concentrating on adopting technology, which is projected to push their growth even further – the GCC countries are witnessing an increase in demand for new business jet models with larger passenger rooms and ranges.

“Without a doubt, there is high demand for private aviation, which will grow in the next few years – as people increasingly opt for private charters to save time and travel accordingly to their tailored schedules. We see a certain growth in this sector, especially in the region. The UAE is becoming a hub for people in business, celebrities, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, and we understand that there will be a growing need to fly private in the next few years. In addition to providing the best premium private aircraft in the world, we aim to deliver the highest levels of service to our guests every time they fly,” states Mohamed.

Lastly, RoyalJet aims to tap into enhancing the experience they provide to their clients in luxury and business travel.

Source: Tapping Into Private Aviation With RoyalJet


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