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Plan Your Next Romantic Getaway in Chile

9 March 2020 - Travel Pulse

The scenery and natural beauty of a destination really enhance the mood when on a romantic getaway. Since Chile was named the Best Green Destination in the World by the 2019 World Travel Awards, there is no question that the country has an unrivaled natural beauty that would make for a perfect honeymoon destination.

Chile knows this and has made a list of the nine most romantic locations in the country.

Beachgoers will find that locations like Iquique, Osorno or Rapa Nui are ideal for a honeymoon or special occasion. Iquique sports warm weather all year-round, making its beaches the perfect places to soak up some sun. Osorno is a quieter, more rural area with turquoise water surrounded by native forests. Rapa Nui is home to Anakena Beach on Easter Island, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

For adventurous couples, San Pedro de Atacama, Valle de Elqui, Parque Nacional Queulat and Huilo Huilo are perfect destinations.

San Pedro de Atacama hosts a variety of landscapes to explore, from the Salt Mountains to Valle de la Luna to the Cejar Lagoon to Puritama Hot Springs. Valle de Elqui is an unpolluted camping oasis for couples to gaze at the stars.

At Parque Nacional Queulat, couples can walk hand-in-hand along the numerous nature trails and view the magnificent Témpanos Lagoon glacier while it still stands. Huilo Huilo is a nature-lovers paradise, with a Biological Reserve that is home to an array of wildlife.

For couples who prefer the comfort of quaint and intimate towns, Frutillar and Valdivia are ideal. Frutillar is a picturesque coastal town with a unique charm, while Valdivia is a sight-seeing must on the Calle Calle River.

Source: Travel Pulse


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