South America's Leading Tour Operator 2010

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World Travel Awards Winner Shield 2010

Yampu Tours

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Yampu Tours
Yampu Tours accepts this award on behalf of our faithful customers and the seasoned travelers who voted us South America’s Leading Tour Operator. We’ll be displaying our World Travel Award Shield with pride. The honor is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction as we continue to expand our tour destinations.
Jose Irauzqui, President, Yampu Latin America Tours



Meet the Winner

Founded in 1998, Yampu Tours is the expert in customized travel to South and Central America. The company offers in-depth historical, sightseeing, culinary, spiritual, adventure, family, and other themed itineraries with well-trained, authoritative guides leading the way. Creating these eye-opening itineraries are Yampu’s passionate travel professionals, dedicated individuals who have journeyed extensively around the world.

Yampu travel planners work closely with clients to help them select the right trip to suit their budget and special interests. We has hundreds of thoughtfully crafted trip itineraries that include everything from airfare and accommodations to activities and special interests. Clients can book the suggested tours outlined in Yampu’s brochure and website, but they also have the flexibility to mix and match elements from different itineraries, or build a journey completely from scratch.

Every tour is guided by the experts and, depending on the nature of the journey, the guides may be a renowned conservationist, an acclaimed chef, a shaman trained in ancient spiritual practices or a local personality who knows every street of his city like the back of his hand. Elements of each tour may take place privately or with a group, and clients pick their own travel dates.


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Award History

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